Superbowl Sunday Free Balloons In The Park!

This past Superbowl Sunday I decided to stop by a park that I often take a small friend of mine when I am helping as nanny. I noticed that its always bustling with kids so I decided to stop by and make some balloons and balloon animals and maybe do a little face painting for free on my off day so that I can get some pictures of my work. I make lots of balloons at children’s parties but am hesitant to bring a camera along less it upset my cadence and product. :) Who knows? Maybe one Sunday I’ll be at your park! I picked up my neat birthday party glasses at party city, I couldn’t resist them. Well without further adieu here are some photos (and a video)!

Welcome to a new balloon twisting site for friends and fans!

Hi there! This is my very first post on my new website. I would like to thank all the little people very literally because it is in fact they, (and of course people who are in the spirit of their former little people selves) who have helped me to learn to make balloon sculptures all these past 10 years as well as I have! I would like to also thank whomever first insisted on commemorating birthdays, as well as the festival originators, and the Aztecs and Inca for being the first recorded humans to ever make balloon sculptures, and lastly, Qualatex balloon company who have kept the product’s quality consistent all this time.

Many thanks of course should go to WordPress too!

You may notice a little area for doodles, a calender for events, and a small bar at the bottom of the page for weather forecasting, current and next seven days.